Pandora regularly updates its jewelry. If earlier the collections were released annually, and at the beginning of the journey, the authors of the brand released new items every two years, but today, the release of new products is carried out seasonally. Often, a brand simply releases jewelry on a specific theme. This fall is no exception! Pandora has already released new items for autumn 2020 in different areas of jewelry! We present you a small overview of the latest news for the fall of 2020.


The basis for jewelry from Pandora is a bracelet. In the fall of 2020, the brand has released several new products that can show off on your wrist. Among the current offers there are such models of bracelets:

  • «Purely Pearl & Polished Beads» bracelet;
  • chain bracelet “Moments”;
  • chains in the form of bracelets with a T-shaped jumper in silver and gold-plated;
  • “Shining crown” with a charm lock in the form of the Pandora logo — the crown.

The Radiant Crown bracelet is a monogrammed piece of jewelry from the Moments collection. This is a product where the nuances are in simplicity. The highlight of the bracelet is in the legendary crown from the Pandora brand. Round clasp with P-Lock and adorned with cubic zirconia stones. The body of the bracelet is a chain. This jewelry will be an excellent basis for brand new charms from the same collection.


The release of new charms is especially relevant. Beads are always relevant for Pandora bracelets. The autumn collection is always associated with leaves, trees and rain, as well as something abstract or even depressing, but 2020 is an exception! This autumn Pandora pleases us with bright colors, unusual shapes and style!

Between seasonal collections of charms we will not divide into types and subspecies. Here it is enough just to highlight a few of the most striking decorations:

  • «Glittering Serpent» The perfect combination of silver and cubic zirconia stones. The charm is made in the form of a small snake that seems to wrap around your bracelet. Its top is studded with transparent stones. In addition, your snake has a Pandora Pave-style scaly shape.
  • «Fox with blue eyes» A charm of all ages that will not leave anyone indifferent. This small bead is made of silver in the shape of a fox. Of course, the decoration of this bead is bright blue eyes made of cubic zirconia.
  • «Adorable Skeleton» A cute and playful charm in the shape of a standing skeleton. The eyes, pelvis and nose are heart-shaped. The original shape in the form of a large head and a small body, which is movable, can be an interesting addition to your bracelet.

No depression! Now we associate autumn with animals, gold and stones!


The pendants from the autumn collection from Pandora 2020 are not inferior to originality. Here, its authors focused on luxury and brand. A striking example is the pendant “With a monogram and the Pandora logo”. This is a piece of jewelry where Pandora has put everything she has! The pendant consists of three movable elements — a monogram, a logo and a cubic zirconia stone. The monogram is made of gold plated silver and engraved with the brand. The Pandora logo is the famous «O» which is lavishly studded with cubic zirconia stones. The last element is a larger stone framed in rose gold-plated silver.

Another no less memorable pendant from Pandora 2020 is the Sparkling Crown from the Pandora Rose collection. This is an elegant and stylish Pandora logo pendant. The charm consists of two parts. The front side is made in the form of the letter «O» and the Pandora crown. All set with cubic zirconia stones. The Sparkling Crown pendant is made of 925 sterling silver coated with 18 carat gold.


Updates this fall also took place in clip-on earrings from Pandora. In general, at this time of the year, the brand has focused on its logo. Apparently to remind customers that it is no less stylish than any themed bead. The new divider “With Pandora logo” is made in the same style. The ornament is made of two circles intertwined. One of them is decorated with an engraved logo, and the other is just with hearts. The product is made of silver.


Earrings from Pandora also replenished with unusual novelties in the style of the brand and not only. For example, the model “Hoop with ornament and pavé” is an original and bright earrings in the style of the “Pandora Pave” collection. Each is made in the form of leaves that close into a shell. The central part of the earring are cubic zirconia stones located along the entire length of the earring. The clasp is made in the style of «carnation».

Another striking example is the Shining Double Rings earrings. If you want to look brilliant, then this is what you need! Each earring is made in the form of two rings. The first hangs on the second. These rings are generously studded with cubic zirconia stones and embellished with an engraved logo. A similar option is earrings “With double rings and pavé”. Original earrings also consist of two rings. One of them is fully decorated with cubic zirconia stones, and the second with hearts and engraving.

Summing up

Pandora is a brand that brings us something new every time. This fall of 2020, they decided to surprise us with a well-forgotten old one. The origins of the brand’s main jewelry are the logo and the famous monogram. Fall 2020 saw new items in Pandora that reminded us of the origins. Almost every section that has been updated has branded new items and more. They are made in different variations and shapes, but go well with any other jewelry!

What’s new in 2020 at Pandora?

Pandora has pleased its fans with new products for the fall of 2020. Fans will find for themselves a lot of bright, interesting and well-forgotten old, but in a new interpretation!

? How to choose jewelry for fall 2020?

Modernity, brightness and style are the principles of Pandora jewelry. If you want to look just like that, then you’ve come to the right place! Just follow your desires!

? What jewelry does Pandora offer in 2020?

The fall 2020 trend from Pandora is branded charms, rings, dividers, earrings and bracelets.

? How much is Pandora worth in 2020?

The cost of each jewelry from Pandora individually. It all depends on the materials and accessories. We constantly make discounts, so everyone will find everything that interests him and at the right price!