Jewelry with amber, as well as with pearls, was perceived a few years ago as a remnant of the past and something that had long gone out of fashion. All of them were kept in the grandmother’s box from year to year and there was almost no chance that an amber necklace, for example, would become a sought-after model. Today, amber seems to have found a new life in jewelry. Beautiful amber accessories conquer the hearts of girls more and more. Read on if you want to know how to wear and with what to combine a sun stone to be on trend.

What kind of stone?

This unique pebble is considered organic. In fact, the resin of all conifers, which is «stuck among the centuries», is called amber. Color, transparency, processing complexity determine more than 200 types of this stone. The color of the pebble depends on how much air is inside: the less air, the darker. There are more than four hundred shades in the amber palette. Green and black are considered the most expensive, but they are the rarest. The main difference from other stones is that its value does not depend on purity, often stuck insects inside increase the value. The only downside is that amber is quite difficult to process, because at high temperatures and friction it softens.

Modern jewelry with amber

Amber shines softly and silky. The play of the sun’s rays inside it is incomparable to any other stone. And what a huge spectrum of warm shades! But the most important thing is what can be contained in the middle. Bubbles with air, insects, color transitions bring inspiration to jewelry designers to create a new jewelry era with a well-forgotten old one. The stone is perfectly combined with a diamond, and with a sapphire, and even with a rubber material. The warmth of amber looks incredibly beautiful in geometric shapes.

Ethnic style helps to reveal the originality and unusualness of the sun pebble in combination with elements of wood and leather. Do you like to wear casual clothes? Excellent, massive necklaces and bracelets will suit you perfectly.

How to choose the color of the stone?

Girls with fair hair are recommended to pay attention to jewelry with rich yellow or orange pebbles. If your hair is dark, consider options with cherry, black and green amber.

Amber accessories are perfectly combined with gentle and natural colors in clothes.

How to look modern in amber jewelry?

  • In no case do not wear jewelry sets;
  • for a sock each one day choose non-standard forms of jewelry or a laconic style;
  • Plain clothes, as well as such dense fabrics as wool or suede, are best combined with the stone;
  • Forget about other bright stones in your image.
  • In no case do not wear other vintage items under amber jewelry.
  • Take a look at modern interpretations of jewelry, such as charms or open jewelry.

Decide on the purpose for which you want to purchase amber jewelry. Want to wear it in everyday life? Pay attention to pendants with tiny stones, they are imbued with romance and tenderness. Need something to complement your evening dress? Then unusual necklaces with amber or non-standard bracelets are suitable for you. Each accessory is original and unique thanks to a wide variety of shades.

Here you can find a huge assortment, among which even the pickiest girl will find something special for herself. We provide only those jewels that will bring you joy for many years.