Diamond jewelry is beautiful. However, over time and after frequent wear, they can lose their multifaceted radiance. Cleaning them, like other stones and gems, is necessary whenever you notice dirt and plaque — the sooner the better. Do not accumulate dirt, it will become a breeding ground for germs!

The best idea is to take the pieces to a jeweler who will professionally clean them. However, this is not always possible. There are several effective and proven ways to clean diamonds at home, which we will discuss in this article.

How to clean a diamond: 7 ways

cleaning diamonds

Although diamonds are the hardest minerals in the world, they are not completely resistant to damage. To keep them looking flawless for many years, they need to be looked after and regularly cleaned with gentle products.

  1. A solution of liquid soap is a tool that will help clean a diamond well, both in a ring, and in a pendant or earrings.
    Diamond jewelry should be placed in a glass with a solution of liquid soap and warm water. Then gently brush with a soft toothbrush and rinse with running water and allow to dry completely on a towel or paper. Be sure to close the sink drain before cleaning so that none of the jewelry gets into it.

  2. An ammonia solution is another popular way to quickly clean diamond earrings. But in this case, you need to be careful. Although ammonia is effective in restoring the original shine of jewelry, its frequent use is undesirable. Prolonged soaking in ammonia can discolor or damage the metal of the piece, and cause the gemstone to become cloudy or discolored. Wear protective gloves before using ammonia. In a solution of water and ammonia in a ratio of 6:1, both the diamond earrings and the ring must be immersed for 10 minutes, and then cleaned with a soft toothbrush. Then polish with a soft cotton or flannel cloth and allow to dry completely.

  3. Dishwashing liquid. Using this product is one of the easiest ways to clean a diamond ring at home.

No matter what metal the ring is made of, you just need to soak it in very warm water with a drop of dishwashing liquid and leave it for 20-40 minutes. After that, gently wipe it with a soft cloth. Then rinse and let dry. But try not to completely submerge the stones, but gently wipe the contaminated areas with a cloth dampened with water and a light detergent. Do not use tools that may scratch the surface of the product.

  1. Mix window cleaner + hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions, put a ring in them, leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse them with a soft brush and rinse with running water.

  2. Vinegar + soda. This method of cleaning jewelry has been known for a long time. If you add 2 tablespoons of baking soda to half a glass of vinegar and soak your jewelry in this mixture, it will be as good as new in a few hours. Rinse in cold water and enjoy their shine. A similar effect, if you smear the ring with ketchup or mayonnaise, wait a few hours, wash the jewelry under running water and dry it.

  3. Vodka or other kind of alcohol. Except for colored spirits, which can stain stones and discolor jewelry. An hour after immersion, washing with water and drying, the jewelry will dazzle as before.

  4. A special liquid for cleaning jewelry, which is sold in stores and jewelry repair shops. However, it is very important to pay attention to the composition when buying. The wrong cleaner is not how to clean a diamond ring, but how to damage it. Please read the instructions carefully before use. During such cleaning, it is important to hold the product by the edges so as not to stain.

How to clean diamond earrings at home without damaging them

diamond ring cleaning

Not all products that are in every home are suitable for cleaning diamond jewelry. Strong detergents, iodine, and various types of bleach containing chlorine can discolor, erode or stain stones.

Before cleaning your diamond ring at home, dilute it with mild soap or dish soap in water.

Periodically wipe with a special flannel or velvet cloth. It is sold in any jewelry store.

To keep your jewelry as long as possible, always remove your rings before washing your hands and your earrings before bathing and sleeping. Avoid contact of jewelry with cosmetics for face and body care, perfumes. Always put them on after applying makeup and when the hair is done and the hair is fixed with hairspray.

Taking proper care of your diamonds will help you enjoy their beautiful appearance for years to come! Since there is never too much jewelry, you can always order fashionable new clothes in the catalog of our online store with fast delivery in Ukraine.