Today is the global launch of the new Pandora collection called Reflexions («Reflections»). The collection is more decorative than traditional Pandora jewelry and is similar to the earlier Pandora Essence collection, although it is much more modern in style.

Let’s start with a small overview of the implementation of the collection, and then we will demonstrate its new elements!

What does the Pandora Reflexions collection look like?

The Pandora Reflexion collection comes in silver, Pandora Rose and Pandora Shine. Bright Charms are offered in all three variants and with different symmetry options, mixing different versions of each detail. Reflexions bracelets have a mesh design that looks a lot like a watch strap.

Charms on Shine bracelets do not need to be inserted and removed in a special way, as with elements from the Moments collection. You have the opportunity to rearrange the charm in any order, at your discretion. Each charm has a silicone grip to keep them in place.

Pandora Reflexions Collection Review

Bracelets in this collection are wide, similar in design to a thin strap for watches. Their path will be too long from 15 to 21 cm. The creators of the collection recommend wearing 5-7 Charms on a bracelet. Of course, you can wear more Charms if you wish.

Good to see the sales launch chains with the Reflexions collection. Pandora fans had to wait a bit for the Floating Chains collection, after the Pandora Essence collection. The design in this model is not so important, the elegance of double chains is on the main plan.

Most of the new Charms are quite abstract, with a modern design. The Pandora Logo charms are present in the collection, made in a laconic style, using non-bright metals.

Shame on you the crown are quite fun and look good in the Rose and Shine finishes, where the contrast between the CZ and the metal looks particularly charming.

Now let’s move on to our favorite sharmam. charms floating heart recall the classic design of Pandora Moments and convey the modern look of the Reflexions collection.

The next charm is sweet bow, in Rose finish. This charm would look great paired with the Reflexions Silver Chain and the Floating Rose Chain for contrast.

In conclusion, we will list several Charms that will be released only in silver.

Charm Medallion allows you to combine any number of Charms, such as spring suns, Christmas charms, bright summer charms, etc.

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