Beginner Pandora Bracelets

Those who saw Pandora’s products for the first time remain forever connoisseurs of their elegance, originality, and enchanting mystery. But, as soon as you plunge into the world of unique jewelry, you start to get lost among their diversity. Therefore, in this article we will talk about the types of pandora bracelets. About the features of models made of gold, classic silver and exclusive leather bracelets.

Pandora bracelets, types of bracelets

Pandora Silver Bracelets — A Modern Tribute to Grace

The range of silver jewelry models is quite wide and varied. They are not inferior to their gold counterparts either in quality or in exclusive design. Jewelry is covered with an oxide composition, which protects them from darkening during operation. Complement them with various charm pendants. Beads can be chosen in different variations:

  1. Golden charms;
  2. Silver charms;
  3. Charms with enamel;
  4. Murano glass charms.

But it is worth considering that not only details from a similar metal are suitable for a silver bracelet. Turn on your imagination and buy silver, gold or enamel charms and create your own exclusive jewelry.

A beautiful and at the same time effective kind of charms are clip-on earrings. Their difference is that they not only decorate the bracelet, but also fix the beads in a given sequence.

Separator clips were released in order to divide the bracelet into conditional segments where the charms are placed, in order to avoid their free movement along the base.

Pandora jewelry in gold and silver.  Buy as a gift

Pandora of gold

Despite the fact that most of the jewelry is made of silver, gold bracelets are also in demand among buyers. The most significant differences between the species are the color of the metal, the price and the unique composition. In all other respects, they are also complemented by clips and charms, forming a unique piece of jewelry with individual compositions.

You can decorate a gold model with any charms, regardless of their color and metal. A gold Pandora bracelet with silver charms will only add exclusivity and unique zest to your look. Because in the modern world of jewelry, a combination of white and yellow metals is allowed.

Charm Pandora.  Buy Pandora Charms

Pandora leather bracelets — become the center of attention

Despite the traditionalism and classics of the first two jewelry options, leather bracelets are in great demand among fashionistas. They add a certain audacity, courage and modernity to the image. Jewelry can be perfectly combined with any color of the precious metal, successfully emphasizing your uniqueness. Leather models are presented in different color variations. On the Fragola website, you can choose different colors of bracelets: bright red, juicy green, sky blue, traditional black and many others. They are also complemented with pendant charms, creating their own unique jewelry design. Pandora leather bracelets are easy to care for.

Be unique with Pandora bracelets

Thanks to the ingenuity of the masters, each owner of the bracelet can easily create her own design, which will keep many secrets and important events. Pandora bracelets have no age limits. This is a great gift for a sister, girlfriend, mother, colleague and even the boss. Any style will be harmoniously complemented by such a product, emphasizing the individuality of each woman.

Many are trying to unravel the secret of Pandora jewelry. Their success, mystery, originality and beauty. But, those who saw them once, do not remain indifferent to them for life. And happy owners, putting on jewelry, cause genuine delight among others.

This article was created specifically for the website of Fragol, an expert in the field of Pandora jewelry in Ukraine. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments, the company’s specialists will be happy to answer them. We also invite connoisseurs to share their experience in the reviews.