We are all familiar with the new collection of 2018 — Pandora Shine, which is already available in all official Pandora stores, as well as on the websites of online stores. This Pandora Shine collection is a completely new line of jewelry from the Pandora company, which presented its products in sterling silver with an incredible 18-carat gold coating. The jewelry belongs to the spring season with its theme of bees, honeycombs, table tops, not to mention the incredible rich yellow color and shine, which is appropriate for any season, because it uses real 750 gold gilding, which cannot remain unnoticed in to the crowd

What are the jewelry pieces of the Pandora Shine collection made of?

All decorations consist of certain layers. First, the sterling silver is covered with palladium, and then with 18-karat 750 gold. Sterling silver itself consists of pure silver and other metals, mostly copper. The upper layer of jewelry is covered with gold of 750 proof. Because of the 18 carat value, Pandora Shine jewelry is extremely yellow in nature and brilliant. The collection includes bracelets, rings, earrings, chains and charms.

Products covered with 750 gold

The company presented jewelry from the Pandora Shine collection in the form of geometric honey tops on bracelets, bee silhouettes, ornaments in the form of sun rays, as well as enamel inserts of golden shades, the natural motifs of which form the basis of the new spring collection. Rings, lockets and earrings are decorated with cubic zirconia, which itself is characterized by white color and to some extent gives volume to the jewelry.

Pandora Shine bracelets are laconic and simple. Like bracelets from other collections, they are completely self-sufficient: they can be worn without additional elements. However, the collection also includes charms with 18-karat coating, which are quite original and refined. Don’t forget that charms and pendants can also be used as neck pendants for chains. Screw-in earrings will impress with their shine and filigree sophistication. They are decorated with a scattering of zirconium inserts, which harmonize with the warm golden shade of the yellow base. Pandora Shine rings will conquer the hearts of women who prefer original designs.

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