The Pandora brand was founded in 1982 by a couple from Denmark. Initially, the idea of ​​Winnie and Per Enivoldsen, that was the name of those who came up with Pandora jewelry, was a small jewelry store in Copenhagen. After a resounding success among customers, small production required large volumes. This forced the founders to open capacities in Thailand. Further global success. As a result, Pandora is a jewelry house and a brand that is known all over the world! Their production is rings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, pendants, clips, dividers and chains. All this is divided into collections of jewelry on any topic. Why is Pandora so loved by many and why has it won such success? I propose to count the facts and draw your own conclusion.

1. Pandora — «all gifted»

The first thing that catches your eye when you get acquainted with the Pandora brand is the name. It translates from Greek as “gifted with everything”. Pandora was the name of the first woman who, according to legend, was created by the gods as a punishment to humanity for stealing the fire of Prometheus. It was she who opened the very “Pandora’s box” of Zeus, after which troubles and misfortunes scattered around the world. This is a myth, but it is more than ever suitable for the name of a jewelry brand. Is not it?

A feature of the Pandora brand is that its admirer can independently create jewelry for herself from a variety of beads and charms offered. In a huge chaos of products, you need to find for yourself what really fits, come up with a combination of colors and a concept. In this case, the decoration will carry not only brightness, but also meaning.

2. Charms are “charm”

A charm is a small bead made of precious metal that can be attached to a bracelet or simply put on it. Ever wondered why charm? Where does this name come from? Just a beautiful word or semantic designation? In fact, “charm” in French means “charm”. A good definition for a beautiful, original and small piece of jewelry. What catches the eye, what you want to admire and update. The creators of the brand have already made hundreds of original jewelry on a different theme. You can easily purchase a charm-hobby for the bracelet — “Camera”. You can replenish the bracelet simply with bright charms, such as “Sublime Stars” or “Shine Temptation”. The “Reflexion Collection” looks expensive and stylish. This is a special kind of charms. If the others are round, only the Reflexion Collection is designed for flat bangles. More on this later.

3. Decoration constructor

The main attraction of the Pandora bracelet is its ability to self-assemble. From this there is an absentee name “decoration constructor”. Of course, you can purchase a ready-made version with charms and other jewelry, but it is much more interesting to create your own bracelet. It will be unique and original. Even if some of the components will coincide with his twins, still there can be no 100% similarity.

To assemble the jewelry, you need to purchase the bracelet itself. There are several main types of structure:

This decoration also differs in the material of manufacture:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • skin;
  • textile.

Often the materials of manufacture can be combined. A prime example would be the Pandora Slider Leather Bracelet. Here, part of the product is made of leather, the other is made of 925 sterling silver.

The “chip” of the bracelet is that every girl can create a new bracelet every day. Having a large number of beads and a base in your arsenal, you can combine jewelry in a new way every day. Thus creating a new image.

4. Hundreds of original charms

The release of Pandora charms began in 1982. Until 2013, the company released 1 collection of original products every two years. The modern facilities of the company are designed for its huge demand, so the production already produces one collection every 2 months. This greatly increases the demand for goods, and also allows the company to develop and come up with something new. Since charms are the main decoration for Pandora bracelets, their manufacturer offers a huge number on completely different topics: love, family, children, travel, hobbies, flowers, zodiac signs, cartoons, etc. This approach greatly expands the audience, because everyone can find for themselves what she likes.

5. Combination of incongruous

The Pandora brand is not just diversity, but also bold solutions. The creators of jewelry were able to frame several metals at once into a small piece, dilute them with original stones and Murano glass. Striking examples are the bracelets “With a P-Lock”, “With a silver-gold lock”, as well as “Light blue”, which combines leather as the base of the bracelet and a silver clasp. If stones do not surprise anyone, then other combinations seem origanl and catchy .

Charms perfectly combine metals and Murano glass. This includes such models made of silver and Murano glass of different colors and configurations — “Folklore Ornament”, “Romantic Rose” or the classic versions “Blue Cut Glass” and “Blue-Green Cut Glass” and others.

Enamel occupies a special place in Pandora jewelry. It helps to create small masterpieces in the form of charms. The most relevant in the collection «Harry Potter», as well as charm-flowers «Blue Daisy», «Pink Daisy», «Openwork Pink Daisy». In such products, enamel is offered as a bright decoration. It can be of any color and shape.

6. Safety first

Have you heard that Pandora locks are the most secure? It really is. The pride of some bracelets is the P-Lock closure system. A lock of this type is the same bead that simply also performs the function of a latch. Inside, the latch looks like a small gap with cuts, into which the other part of the bracelet enters. After snapping, the bead forms a single whole and there is simply no way to simply pull it out. The main example is the “P-Lock” bracelet model.

Summing up

Why is Pandora so popular? The answer is simple — diversity and freedom. Each of us loves what he likes. Pandora gave everyone the opportunity to create jewelry that will complement the style and image, but also speak to others. How about doing it every day? If you collect a certain collection of charms and a pair of bracelets, then you can look original in any of the business evenings or brightly at friendly parties. If you add more reliability, style and the number of charms that today you can choose for yourself. It turns out 100% brand popularity!

This is how masterpieces are created!

? Where came Pandora?

The birth of the beloved brand took place in Denmark, Copenhagen. Today, 70 stores from the Pandora jewelry house around the world.

❓ Why choose Pandora?

Pandora jewelry is a small construction kit with which you can create a bracelet for your everyday look or an elegant evening dress.

? S What is Pandora combined with?

The brand is famous for its unusual combination. It is easy to buy a bracelet made of leather and silver or silver and gold here. This makes it possible to choose a decoration for any outfit!

? How collect a pandora bracelet?

To create a masterpiece of Pandora charms and base, you need an idea, a little imagination and money. This combination gives the perfect result!