chains are universal jewelry. This is one of the few accessories that never goes out of fashion. The only thing that changes with trends is how many chains can be combined in an image, which will be the color of the metal.

Today, there are more than 5 dozen types of weaving. In addition, chains are distinguished by length, material and decoration. We will tell you about which types of weaving are the strongest and most reliable among others, so that you can choose the perfect accessory for yourself.

The most reliable weaving

All jewelry experts agree that weaving type Bismarck ranks first on the list. Each of the rows of links is connected to each other — this is what makes the chain so strong. Such a large massive jewelry looks great on its own and it is not necessary to wear it with a pendant. The only trouble that can happen with such an accessory is constant cleaning, because dirt gets stuck between the links all the time. Most often, this type attracts men. By the way, weaving is named after the first chancellor of Germany.

Next on the list — weaving «foxtail«. Cells seem to be folded in half and directed towards each other. The cost of such jewelry is much higher, because a large amount of metal and labor-intensive work is used for them. Weaving is both round and square.

Weaving type «anchor«. Universal type. It consists of identical cells that are alternately connected one after another. The strongest of the varieties is Garibaldi, which has double cells.

Weaving type «shell«. Basic, classic type. It is practical in use, because it never gets confused and does not undergo deformation. The cells are connected one after the other and twisted in such a way that they are in the same boundary. The chain has a smooth surface.

Weaving «Nonna«. Very strong and reliable chains intended for women. Cells are flat. You can think that a small group is embedded in a slightly larger one. The point is that one cell is connected to both a small one and a large one. Jewelers like to decorate this type of weaving with diamond facets, which looks more than easy and attractive.

Weaving type «Snake«. A very strong option, because it has a seal. Roughly speaking, in its essence, a snake is a double armor weave. Such chains are better worn with pendants.

To make sure of the reliability of the fastening, you need to stretch the chain between two fingers and carefully examine the connection. If they are all the same in shape, uniform, and the eyes do not sink, then you can safely buy such a chain.

How to choose the right chain?

Have you already decided on the type of chain weaving? Be sure to choose the lock correctly. You should be able to put on and take off jewelry without help. The lock must also be reliable, as well as weaving. But at the same time, we cannot forget about your comfort. Some of the types of locks:

  • Fastener in the form of a «bagel» designed for small models.
  • Screw fasteners (it must be twisted).
  • A box fastener is used for heavy accessories.

Heavy Bismarck chains are best worn without any pendants. If you choose an accessory for a specific pendant, do not forget that the eyelet should stretch well on the chain. The chain should weigh at least a couple of times more than the pendant. The simpler the weaving, the more likely it is that you need to choose a pendant for it. By the way, chWhen buying a silver or gold chain, do not forget to consider the length. For example, if you are a thin girl, choose options up to 50 centimeters. If you want to visually «grow», pay attention to a long chain, from 60 centimeters long.