This article will be useful primarily to those who strive to always be in trend and follow the latest in jewelry fashion. It will orient you and give you a basic idea of ​​when the main collections of the Pandora jewelry brand come out, what main lines of jewelry it has, and what types of metals and alloys are used in production. It will help you navigate and plan purchases and orders faster.

IMPORTANT! This article is updated throughout 2018, along with the release of new collections. There are active links to each released collection, where you can get acquainted with them in more detail.

PANDORA charms and bracelets have been around for many years and are rightfully considered one of the best-selling jewelry in the world. The company is in a state of constant development and expansion of its production facilities and points of sale — concept stores where you can buy only original products of the highest quality. After all, all jewelry undergoes mandatory pre-sale quality control.

Pandora stores are open in almost every country in Europe, Asia, North America, and even in Australia and New Zealand. On each of the 6 continents. In 2018, the company has 7,800 stores in over 100 countries.

Ukraine is not far behind. New boutiques open almost every year. Today, PANDORA stores operate in such cities of our country: Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv, Zhytomyr, Cherkassy, ​​Vinnitsa, Chernihiv, Poltava, Dnipro, Zaporozhye, Krivoy Rog, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk, Sumy, Mariupol, Kherson and it is planned to open and new outlets.

And for those who live far from Pandora stores, you can easily order your favorite jewelry in the official online store and receive them in just 1-2 days.

You can always order and choose jewelry, because the company updates the range and releases new and new collections several times a year.

Let’s see what collections are coming out in 2018 and when to expect them.

Pandora has four main collections according to the seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn and several special collections within these main ones.


Winter is one of my favorite seasons. Snow, frosty air, spruce smell and of course everyone’s favorite holidays! Winter collection PANDORA 2018 / PANDORA winter 2018 will go on sale at the end of the year, but will be on sale for the entire winter season 2018/2019.

Release — November 2018. The collection consists of:

PANDORA ROSE winter 2018 / PANDORA ROSE winter 2018

PANDORA DISNEY winter 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY winter 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE winter 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE winter 2108

PANDORA SHINE winter 2018 / PANDORA SHINE winter 2018

Valentine’s Day Collection 2018 . Collection release — January. Start of sales on January 14, 2018.

As part of this collection, the 2018 club charm is also being produced. This time it’s the globe.


The spring 2018 season is very rich in new Pandora collections. This is the season of bright colors, new looks and sparkling designs. Among all the new products, we highlight PANDORA spring collection 2018.

Start of sale in stores worldwide — March 15, 2018. Within its framework, there was a replenishment in the main lines of Pandora, namely:

PANDORA ROSE spring 2018 / PANDORA ROSE spring 2018

PANDORA DISNEY spring 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY spring 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE spring 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE spring 2108

PANDORA SHINE spring 2018 / PANDORA SHINE spring 2018

Mother’s Day Collection 2018 one of the company’s most iconic and beloved collections. Charms, bracelets and other jewelry are made in soft colors. Charms symbolize home, comfort, maternal love and affection. As part of the new collection, changes will also be in all lines.

The release of the collection is April 12, 2018.

PANDORA ROSE Mother’s day 2018 / PANDORA ROSE Mother’s day 2018

PANDORA DISNEY Mother’s day 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE Mother’s day 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE Mother’s day 2108

PANDORA SHINE Mother’s day 2018 / PANDORA SHINE Mother’s day 2018


Summer is the season of vacations, interesting weekends and unforgettable trips. Therefore, accessories during this period should match and reflect our mood. Summer collection 2018 Pandora includes charms associated with relaxation, light pastime and cute experiences.

PANDORA Summer Collection Release May 31st.

PANDORA ROSE summer 2018 / PANDORA ROSE summer 2018

PANDORA DISNEY summer 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY summer 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE summer 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE summer 2108

PANDORA SHINE summer 2018 / PANDORA SHINE summer 2018

Pre-fall collection or off-season collection PANDORA 2018 / PANDORA pre – autumn 2018.

It is difficult to characterize it, since this collection has been released for only a few years and is different every time. At different times there were fabric bracelets and charms with zodiac signs and letters. There is no clear release date for this collection yet, but approximately the second half of July 2018.


Autumn is the beginning of a new business activity, the start of training sessions and new plans. In the fall of 2018, a new one will also be released. PANDORA autumn collection, which, as usual, will be large and varied. We are waiting for a solid replenishment in the collection of charms.

PANDORA ROSE autumn 2018 / PANDORA ROSE autumn 2018

PANDORA DISNEY autumn 2018 / PANDORA DISNEY autumn 2018

PANDORA ESSENCE autumn 2018 / PANDORA ESSENCE autumn 2108

PANDORA SHINE autumn 2018 / PANDORA SHINE autumn 2018

In the framework of the autumn, and special charm BLACK FRIDAY 2018 / BLACK FRIDAY 2018. This is a themed charm dedicated to the most anticipated day of all shopaholics — Black Friday, the day of the biggest sales.

The largest collections in terms of volume are spring and autumn. There are many types of bracelets, charms. New designs of rings, earrings and neck jewelry are presented. Every year new collections are replenished with new elements. Last year it was a neck choker and open medallions. There are also new models of bracelets — open bangles. What new items are waiting for us? We’ll see in due time.

Each collection consists of several lines of jewelry, some of them are presented in several metals.

Today it is a line of silver, gold, bicolor jewelry, which form the basis of the collection. Further, this pink gold is PANDORA ROSE / PANDORA ROSE, PANDORA SHINE / PANDORA SHINE.


Since there are always many questions about what metal Pandora jewelry is made of, I decided to dwell on this in detail.


Pandora uses 925 sterling silver in its products. This means the purity of silver is 92.5%. The remaining 7.5% is copper. This alloy allows silver jewelry to be durable, since pure silver is a rather soft material. On such products there is a test and marking s 925 ale. Products manufactured before 2011 are marked 925 ale.


Gold charms and Pandora bracelets are marked g 585 ale. Used 14 carat gold, 585 test. Gold products are made entirely of gold, this is not a coating.


In the production of bicolor jewelry, two metals are used: silver and gold. All gold elements of products are made of gold, gilding or other coating is not used here. The marking of such products is the same as on silver ones, because silver is the prevailing metal here.


A special alloy of silver and copper gives these pieces such a warm pink hue, while the unique coating adds a warm color and ensures the durability of the finish. The marking on these items is pandora — ale r. This line of jewelry has been on the market since 2014.


A new line of jewelry, which began to be released in 2018. It is a multi-layer jewelry, the basis of which is silver, then there is a layer of palladium, and on top it is covered with 18 carat gold (750 standard), which is applied by electroplating. The result is a very strong layer of gold with excellent resistance and durability. Marking on such products is the same as on silver.

Pandora is increasing production and sales every year. In 2017, 117 million units were manufactured. The range is very diverse: bracelets, charms, rings, earrings, chains, pendants, medallions. And every year we get new models.

Almost every season, Pandora releases gift sets dedicated to certain holidays and events.

In Ukraine, new collections go on sale on the same day as in other countries of the world. Often the company holds promotions that allow you to save money — these are various discounts on products, gifts when buying a certain amount, and the like. Sales have also become a good tradition, thanks to which you can buy products at a very pleasant price. You can buy original bracelets, charms and other Pandora jewelry both in the official store and in the online store, which will allow you to save a little.

For stock lovers, I advise you not to forget to look into calendar of promotions and sales for 2018it is also updated periodically.

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