Today’s post is about the final week of an updated review of the upcoming Pandora Valentine’s Day Collections 2018.

We have previously published some reviews on this topic, but this post offers you a more extensive introduction to the expected jewelry.

Traditional pink, vibrant red and a bit of a lip motif make this Pandora Valentine’s Day edition both classic and a bit off the beaten path.

We do not yet know the exact date of the official release of the Collection, but based on the experience of previous years, we can assume that this will happen on January 11th. If the release is scheduled for another day, we will update the information as soon as we know. We have also included a price list for North America. Since we were only provided with prices in Canadian dollars, we converted prices in US dollars.

And to find out what awaits us in the new Collection, keep reading!

And so, first of all, there are two new bracelets: the Flash of Love adjustable bangle and the Locked Promise offering a new curl style on the already existing threadless pink zirconia (CZ) charm bracelet. We love this idea, but to maintain versatility we would prefer simple silver details or clear zirconia (CZ). It would be interesting to know if the latch of the hanging clasp affects the size, and also does it take up as much space as a regular clasp?

«A Promise Locked»

«Flash of Love»

Further- charms! This line ranges in quite a few styles, from delicate decorative pieces such as the «Two Hearts» bead or the «Key to My Heart» pendant, to more colorful and intense compositions such as the «Flash of Love».

Out of the whole series, our favorite is the «Image of Love» charm — a beautiful faceted design with very rich colors (although it’s hard to tell if it will look more red or pink in real life).

«Two Hearts» (silver and CZ (cubic zirconia))

«Two Hearts» (two-color)

«Image of Love»

«I love you»

«Key to my heart»

«Flash of Love» (clip)

«Flash of Love»

«Love Conversation»

«Two hearts» (bead)

«Love tree»

«Glitter Kiss»

«A Promise Locked»

«Surge of Love»

«Kisses Everywhere»

«Splash of Love» (clip)

«Kiss me some more»

There is also a corresponding Essence variant of the «Image of Love», which embodies the value of (you guessed it) LOVE. The Pandora Rose pieces are our favorites from this collection. The combination of red zirconium with pink metal looks incredibly beautiful. It looks especially good on a spacer bead and a ring, of course we love the pendant charm too, but it can feel a bit bulky on a bracelet. Well, we must see it!

«Love» (Essence — Essence)

«I love you»

«Petit Love Kiss»

«Two Hearts» (spacer bead)

«Two Hearts» (ring)

Further in the Collection are chains, medallions and petites! Pandora combines the popular heart and key motif in two new medallion designs. The result turned out great! Plain silver petites also look very cute.

«I love you»

«Love tree»

«A Promise Locked»

«Medallion Key to the Heart»

«Petites» (individual price)

«Big locket Key to the heart»

And finally, rings and earrings! The «You and Me» ring is engraved from the bottom of the stone, so it’s hard for us to tell if there is an engraving inside the stone itself or not.

Earrings set with pink stones (located lower left) were not featured in the North American catalog we reviewed, but may be exclusive to other regions.

«Two Hearts» (ring)

«You and me»

«Castle of Love» (ring)

«Two hearts» (earrings)

«Pure love» (long earrings)

«Locks of love» (earrings)

Also, according to tradition, gift sets will be offered for Valentine’s Day, but we will talk about them separately in the following posts.