Winter collection Pandora, as always, delights with its elegance and uniqueness. As you understand, the collection includes holiday charms, pendants and bracelets. In this article, we will describe each of them so that you can choose the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

Collection Overview

Shimmery Festive Sock — a pendant made of silver, inlaid with semi-precious stones. Hiding gifts in a sock is a Western tradition, but it has also taken root with us. Therefore, such an original decoration will be relevant throughout the winter.

dazzling blue snowflake— a combination of icy grace and tenderness at the same time. The charm has a very original design, everyone will see something different in it — a heart-shaped stone, a snowflake under a layer of blue ice. Decoration for a truly mysterious person.

dazzling white snowflakejewelry incarnation snow on a full moon. One of the most romantic charms of the Pandora winter collection. An ideal gift for your girlfriend for any winter holiday and a great way to declare love to a previously secret admirer.

ice beauty — a cuboid silver case, inlaid with small white stones, in the center of a bright blue crystal. The composition resembles a guiding star against the background of a winter night sky.

The second version is in the form hearts with snowflakesin the center of which are modest and elegant pebbles.

The third option is made in the form of a bead — softness, tenderness — everything a sensual person needs to maintain an image. It’s so simple and elegant at the same time! The «new» Pandora never ceases to amaze her fans.

ice drop – an amazing performance of the charm-bead! It seems that this is glass with drops of ice, covered with hoarfrost. But no, this is a new gift Pandora cute girls.

Snow commotion — a silver bead inlaid with diamond-shaped stones. Oh, it’s a pity that the photo does not convey all the colors of the highlights of this jewelry snowball!

Heart of winter — the continuation of the pendant «You will melt my heart» that we all love. Stones can be of different colors. The decoration is made with a clip with a snowflake in the shape of a heart. Reminds of the warm kisses of a loved one on winter walks.

sky mosaic — mother-of-pearl with a pattern of the starry sky. Thanks to the right material, the decoration has a luminous shimmer. It looks incredible when the rays of light fall.

«illuminating stars» have a unique button shape, decorated with carved stars and encrusted with shimmering stones.

set «Bright Star» includes three items: a star charm, a star clip and a pendant. The stars are decorated with stones of different shades of blue. Even without the sun glare, it looks amazing. A huge plus of the set is that it fits perfectly into the summer theme — well, why not a starfish for you?

The space set is the return of charm from the 2014 collection. Galaxy – the original blue bead is entwined with orbits and stars. Constellation — clip-on charm with carved stars and stone paths on the sides. And Orbit — a bead with a belt of stones. It is mesmerizing, it feels like there is actually a whole galaxy in it.

shining hearts — button charm with large emeralds surrounded by small white stones. For its owner, let charm mean constant, warm and mutual feelings for a loved one.

Radiance of nature — charms-beads of pink or blue color with silver weaves, decorated with stones.

color fresco — the only gold charm in the collection. It is encrusted with stones of different shapes and colors. An elegant, festive accessory will delight its owner and her surroundings.

Engraved charm «Merry Christmas» decorated with small engravings and stars. Truly a piece of jewelry.

The same plan charm «Christmas joy«- Santa Claus made of white and red enamel, stars, decorated with small pebbles. Such a charm simply cannot but give its owner a New Year’s mood.

Christmas polar bear — a cute little pot in a red scarf with the sign «Santa stop here». Nam here nothing to add.

Set of pendants «Festive wreath», «holiday stocking» and «sparkling candy«. Glitter silver, brightly colored enamel and playful bows are all you need to get in the festive mood.

«Sparkling cheerful Santa«- a bead head, decorated with very small stones of red and white colors. Of course, such decorations are relevant only during the New Year holidays, but sometimes you can treat yourself.

«Red shimmery glass» — a traditional winter decoration from Pandora.
Sharm is very beautiful — deep red with gold plating.

«snowy wonderland» — a small winter scene — a snowman, Christmas trees, snow and the moon. The charm is made of silver and enamel.

«christmas night» — bead charm, reminiscent of a souvenir glass ball with figures of deer and sleigh. Very elegant work of the master — small stars, Christmas trees and stone inlay.

Set of charms for medallions: «Sparkling Star», «Christmas Tree», «Merry Santa», «Holiday Wreath», «Happy Snowman» and «Favorite Gifts». Cute, small and not expensive additions to your Pandora collection.

Pandora Rose line: «Sparkling Surprise» in the form of a pink gift with a ribbon and a bow of stones; «sparkling snowflake» universal, suitable for a bracelet and as a pendant around the neck; «flickering christmas tree» — a pendant for a Pandora bracelet, decorated with garlands of stones.

And finally, a new bracelet from Pandora with a clasp «Heart of winter«. On both sides of the clasp Engraved snowflake in the shape of a heart and the words «You will melt my heart» in English.

Despite the fact that the collection is winter, many of its models are suitable for wearing at any time of the year. This time the designers pleased us with an abundance of colors and stones. We think the collection is amazing. Every girl will find here what she likes.